Henderson, NV

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If you want to keep your business looking your best but notice graffiti etched to your walls, or unsanitary gum stuck on your walls, floor, or tables, you should contact Henderson Pressure Washing Pros. Our graffiti and gum removal services are done with the best electric pressure washers to protect your professional image in front of customers.

Graffiti Removal Services

Protect your business and give your customers a great first impression with our graffiti removal services in Henderson! Our pressure washing Henderson NV services also involve removing graffiti that would give your customers the wrong idea. Even if graffiti sometimes looks good, it might not be ideal for your business. 

Some customers can see graffiti as neglect by the business owner or increased crime around your area. There might also be offensive obscenities. Regardless of the reason, call us to remove it quickly! Henderson Pressure Washing Pros use soft washing to remove graffiti effectively without damaging your building.

Gum Removal Solutions

It’s common to find that people carelessly leave their chewing gum in high-traffic areas. Whether they do so before entering your restaurant or they throw it on your walkway, it can appear offensive to your customers. There is also the case of gum left under tables and walls in commercial spaces.

Keep your home and business looking clean with our gum removal services. At Henderson Pressure Washing Pros, we take care of the form of gum. Whether the gum was tracked by feet around your property, damaged your carpet fibers, or became a magnet for dirt on your property, we take care of it. 

Our experts use chemicals in cases where the gum has been stuck for a long time. We also consider your property type, construction materials, and more. We provide pressure washing and gum removal to parking areas, garages, drive-thrus, walls, and driveways in Henderson.

Rust Removal

When you notice a build-up of rust in your residential or commercial space, there’s no need to worry. Contact the experts at Henderson Pressure Washing Pros to get rid of the rust that reduces the attractiveness of your home. The hassle of removing rust isn’t worth the risk, especially with government guidelines, so we can take care of that for you.

Pool Deck and Solar Panel Cleaning

Our pressure washing Henderson NV services include a pool deck and solar panel cleaning. We take care of the backbreaking cleaning process of your pool deck, bringing it to life right before your eyes! If you use solar panels in your commercial or residential space, dirt, and grime build-up can reduce efficiency. Rely on our tried-and-trusted pressure washing service to keep your solar panels clean. 

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You know who to call whenever you need pressure washing Henderson NV services! We can handle the removal of graffiti, gum, and rust and even clean your solar panels. Contact our consultants for a quote; we’ll be there at your convenience.